"Listening with your whole body..."
Body awareness retreat
with Dagmara Maslowska
July 2019, 24th - 28th


Welcome to a five-day retreat surrounded by woods and calming silence of Finnskogen!

The (W)HERE workshop/retreat is a space of exploration and sharing, a journey towards our true self suspended in ‘here and now’. It is us who create that journey and where we go depends only on where we let ourselves to go. I’ll be leading through three main areas of recognition:


1) meeting the self
2) meeting the space

3) meeting the others


The opening sessions of retreat will be focused on deep listening. Recognizing our thoughts, emotions, responses and learning what effect it has on the way we behave. Whatever is happening on the level of mind can be read through our bodies, that is why we’ll be paying attention to how our patterns influence the way we move. And then, what can be done to free the mind as well as the body leading it into a more balanced, fuller and clearer expression.


We’ll be trying to grasp the sense of who or what we are and how it manifests through our movement. An important part of (W)HERE is the setting - pure Nature around us. Thus via work inspired by butoh dance, dance in Nature and sensorial work we’ll be strengthening free expression in connection with the Universe around us. The retreat is body-mind oriented with a leading element of improvisation which will help to open the free and joyful flow within us as well as boost our creativity.

We’re going to work individually and in group, a set of exercises will make you more familiar with yourself and will raise your body awareness. Through movement you’ll get the chance to sink into yourself, observe your abilities and limitations, and access the freedom to move beyond them. I cannot teach you how to dance and it’s not my will. Instead I’m creating a room where we’ll be able to experiment with navigating limbs in the space, changing levels and shifting weight, playing like kids - always curious and always in learning.

The training element - physical development - is not the most important, but understanding the processes that are happening inside you. How to hold lovingly the vassel which your body is.

Working in group makes the whole journey even more beautiful and intensive. I’ll keep the program of retreat open for everyone’s needs, so that what’s prepared in my head can always be modified. We shall all be comfortable during that journey. There will be times with strong sense of gathering - when we work together during the sessions, cook or sit by the fire - as well as free time in between when you can relax, take a walk in the woods, swim in the lake, chill in the sauna or take a nap in your wood-perfumed room. Plus possible open session before breakfast and/or after dinner for your own practise.

-Awareness, improvisation, connection, movement, listening are five key elements for (W)HERE-

The retreat/workshop is open for absolutely everyone regardless of age, gender and life experience. (W)HERE is directed to anyone who would like to explore their creative potential via body-mind integration. To everyone who would like to work intensively on body awareness. I begun working with that method in preparation for performance practise in ensemble physical theatre, but getting more tools from different kinds of movement research alongside with DMT (Dance Movement Therapy) I understood that everyone can benefit from such a work since:

‘Conscious awareness of your movement is vital to experiencing the Wholeness of your life.’

It is re-discovering that - believe it or not - you are a MOVER. Let’s stop for a while, disconnect for the hustle and butle of everyday life and sink into our often forgotten selves. I am more than happy to spend time with you at Finnskogen! And if there are any questions please feel free to contact me. It is going to be an amazing summer!

Practical information

*The practise requires self-discipline, focus and honesty. We ́re going to work inside the studio and outdoors. Please let me know about any relevant health issues.



5-day workshop 6h of practise / day



Finnskogen Retreat



July 2019 24. - 28. Deadline for registration: 01.07.2019

arrival ~13:00 (24.07.2019) departure ~15:00 (28.07.2019)



• 4.900kr for accommodation in private room/cabin (limited!)

• 4.100kr for single bed in communal bedroom

that includes:
workshop + three vegetarian meals and drinks per day + accommodation + fireplace + access to sauna

additional 200kr for beddings unless you bring your own sleeping bag and sheet


Max number of participants: 20

Teaching language: English/Norwegian

To apply please contact: da.maslowska@gmail.com

To secure your place you’ll be asked to pay 1000 NOK as a deposit with marked preference for accomodation (single or communal room). The registration is binding except for cases of sickness and/or health reasons.

Feel free to write if you have any questions!

Dagmara Maslowska - the passion for movement began at the age of seven, but having it defined as «dance» happened many years later. I have been following more and more possibilities in movement research as well as artistic practise. The list of teachers stretches between movement improvisation, vipassana, vinyasa yoga, BMC, physical theatre, CI, martial partnering, sensorial theatre and butoh dance, among them: Per Spildra Borg, Kristine Nilsen Oma, Justyna Olszowska, John Britton, Sarah Jonh & Sara Topsøe-Jensen, Maria F. Scaroni, Imre Thorman, Atsushi Takenouchi. I am developing a solo butoh project ‚Mellom Jord og Måne’. At the moment I am focusing on ensemble work (performance), yoga practise (scholar for Northern Light Yoga) in Oslo and DMT (Dance Movement Therapy) in Warsaw.

About the location:

Finnskogen Retreat is a meeting place for all kinds of people. A rehabilitation farm, and a learning place that offers meditation, yoga, silence, nature and awareness-raising workshops in a safe and supportive community. The retreat is open to all who want a different vacation, feel like spending some time in a natural, rural and simple environment, and want to learn more about meditation, yoga and awareness.

It is an unpretentious place in the woods - here you will be close to Nature. There are simple facilities for washing and shower, outdoor compost toilets, and solar and gas powered shower. Houses and cabins with dormitory/common room for accommodation have not included electricity or water. Both parts are available elsewhere at the area.

Nature forms a basic starting point for the retreat, and is healing in itself. It invites to activities, walks, observations, learning and contemplation. The retreat area is surrounded by forests, creeks, springs and water, vibrant life and colors. The lake Skasen invites you to bathing, strolling and quiet reflection. The forest is the gateway to the tundra, which stretches for miles eastwards. It has a rich bird- and wildlife.

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