PUST - Breath Immersion with Chad Charles


You are invited to a ceremony - with the spirit of the breath as your guide.. Our Breath Immersion is a five-day experience for YOU to nurture and strengthen the relationship with your own, unique source of power, and strengthen the bridge between your inner and outer worlds. The immersion is designed to become a nourishing reservoir for you to expand your life to a deeper level - using the breath as the key for sustaining the frequency.


Conscious connected breathing, or Breathwork, is an ancient modality of self-realisation. Our quality of breathing is a reflection of our state of mind in any given moment. Our breathing patterns also reflect how we hold life, how we respond to the imprints of our life experiences. In consciously connected breathing, we begin to feel - with just a brief re-patterning of the breath cycle - to what extent our relationship with our breath is related to our level of consciousness.


The experience, led by breathworker Chad Charles, will deepen your journey of the ‘activated medicine’ of breath. Our breath is the medicine of the psyche, of the soul. We invite energy into our field - super-oxygenation - and use the diaphragmatic breath to keep it anchored in the body. By affecting the vibration of your cells, and opening energy blockages, the circular breathing becomes a tool for cultivating deep presence and expressing our “yes” to everything that can be felt, sensed and respired.


The Immersion is not meant to be a retreat from anything, but an advancement towards:


—  Renewed and aligned appreciation for your own power and innate energy

— A lightness of being and deep attunement to your natural reservoirs

— Expanding your experience and gratitude for the present moment: being here, now, in mindful peace.

— Growing your awareness for the core mechanism of life itself: our breath

—  Clarity and understanding of your habitual breathing patterns: greater acceptance and appreciation of ‘where’ you are coming from and who you are in essence

— A greater authenticity in your own expression of sensation and experience

— Learning tools for a conscious breathing self-practice


What to expect

— Daily conscious connected breathwork sessions in a private and intimate healing space (setting of love, care, attention, and excellence). The sessions have multiple formats ranging from breath translation, dyad experiences, holotropic breathwork, shamanic breathwork, interchangeable partner dynamic breathing.

— Council circles - authentically relating to others and weaving us deeper into the practice - with meditation, music and creative unfolding.

— Morning movement and yoga with Mats Onsum

— Simple breakfast and nutritious late lunch (with focus on yogic food sciences)

— Shared accommodation in natural surroundings

About Chad Charles

Chad was first introduced to conscious connected breathwork in 2011 and it has since become an integrated part of his personal practice. His interest in the breath has led him to explore many approaches to breathwork over the years, such as Shamanic, Integrative, Holotropic, Rebirthing, Transformational, Clarity, Breathlight, Breathwave, Biodynamic, Alchemy, Motherwave, and others. Chad approaches the breath with reverence as a medicine that has brought profound healing and insight into not only his own life, but also the lives of thousands of people who have experienced his breath ceremonies in over a dozen countries on four continents. Watch more about breathwork from Chad’s perspective here: https://www.chadcharles.net/what-is-breathwork


“Breath is the link between the body and mind. If the mind is a kite the breath is the thread. The longer the thread, the higher the kite can go.”  – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Price: NOK 6500,-

Available spaces: 20
To register, email: solhavstjerner@gmail.com with your name and phone number, and you will receive further information about the payment, logistics, and practical details.



Our journey unfolds in the natural surroundings of Finnskogen Retreats, a scenic and stoic oasis in the Norwegian mountain realms. The pristine wilderness offers a grounding space for the retreat, and facilitates healing in itself. The retreat area is surrounded by forests, creeks, springs, and a vibrant wildlife. 


“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir.



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